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Raise resilient, compassionate children, who work for a just society.

CEO Dad, if when you look around at our world, you want to raise children who contribute to make it a better place, then you are in the right place.

We work with you to solidify your legacy by raising children who:

We know that you are doing great things that are making a positive difference in the world. This busyness often puts you at odds with your goals for your children. You don’t have the type of relationship with them that allows you to transfer the values and commitments by which you want them to live.

That is why we are here. Connect with us today and we will work with you to change this.

What We Offer

dads love lasts the author Claire Annelise Smith

Consult with Dr. Claire

Claire Annelise Smith, Phd (Dr. Claire), is the founder of Blazing Star Network, a Professional Training and Spiritual Coaching firm. She has a variety of experiences in different cultural contexts. She is author of multiple books and publications.
As a spiritual mentor and coach, Dr. Claire helps busy CEO’s and
others in executive leadership positions who are dads have better
relationships with their children to leave a lasting legacy of love.

Get the Book

In it Dads Love Lasts, Dr. Claire gives you resources, strategies and actions to balance your various commitments so that you enjoy a quality relationship with your children. This relationship will allow you to raise resilient, compassionate children who continue your work of making the world a better place.

Dads Love Last Ebook and Paperback
Dads Love Lasts

Participating in Claire’s coaching and spiritual mentoring program has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that have ultimately produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationship with God and others. She is gifted at helping you discover new things about yourself and your relationships that can positively impact your daily living. Thank you Claire!

Timothy Steele, PhD

President and CEO, Associated Audiologists Inc.

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