Dads Love Last Book for Groups

What is Dads' Love Lasts?

Dads Love Lasts: How to Close the Relationship Gap to Leave a Lasting Legacy gives dads the mindset, strategies, and tools to be better dads. You will:

Dads Love Last Ebook and Paperback

Your Legacy Matters

You are going to leave a legacy. The question is, what will it be? With Dads Love Lasts,

Your Children Need You

Dads, you play an essential role in your children’s life. They need you to be their:

Dads Love Lasts Children Need You

The Best Experience Ever

"It is your choice whether that legacy will be good or bad. Claire inspires the reader to build a positive legacy by applying the same vision, communication, drive, strategy and innovation that make businesses and organizations successful."
Mike Armstrong
General Manager, WaterOne"

We are ready to be better dads

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