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Dads Love Lasts 28-Day Journal

I’m ready to preorder this journal because to enhance my journey to closing the gap with my children..
I understand that my investment today is $40 per copy + shipping.
In this journal I will get:

Part 1

One place to respond to the actions in the Dads Love Lasts book and set my goals for the month.

Part 2

Daily guides for action that are oriented to helping me close the relationship gap, reflect on the day, and build on what I have done.

Part 3

I will review how I closed the relationship gap over the month, in the light of my goals.


After I input my information and click, “I’m placing my order,” I will be taken to the checkout page where I will select the number of copies I want, and make my payment.

I’m ready to get this resource that will guide me to close the relationship gap with my children and safeguard my legacy. It’s time.


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